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This is a wiki dedicated to projects involving the radiative transfer (RT) code TRAPHIC (TRAnsport of PHotons In Cones).

TRAPHIC is a multi-frequency RT code for use in Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) simulations. It solves the time-dependent RT equation by tracing photon packets emitted by source particles at the speed of light and in a photon-conserving manner through the simulation box. The photon packets are transported directly on the spatially adaptive, unstructured grid traced out by the particles of the SPH simulation, which allows one to exploit the full dynamic range. A directed radial transport of the photon packets from the sources is accomplished despite the irregular distribution of SPH particles by guiding the photon packets inside cones. A key feature of TRAPHIC is the photon packet merging technique that renders the computational cost of the RT independent of the number of sources.

TRAPHIC has been implemented for the transport of hydrogen/helium ionizing radiation in the cosmological galaxy formation simulation code GADGET (last published in Springel 2005). It is radiation-hydrodynamically coupled to GADGET, thus allowing one to investigate the radiative feedback from stars and galaxies. The design of TRAPHIC was initially driven by the desire to perform large simulations of reionization. However, TRAPHIC is a general purpose ionizing RT code, and has already been successfully employed in a range of problems (see the list of publications below).

The original description of TRAPHIC can be found here, and updates are described in subsequent publications listed in the section Publications below.


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